Rare diseases researched

Especially in the case of rare diseases, research into their causes and therapeutic options is essential for sufferers and physicians alike. This need for research is complicated by very low patient numbers. The ZSEER covers different aspects of research into rare diseases, namely both patient-oriented and basic research.

Research up close
Patient-oriented research at the ZSEER takes place directly with patients or with healthy volunteers, e.g. in the context of clinical studies. We attach great importance to direct contact between patients and scientists in order to ensure trust on both sides through maximum transparency. Relevant are epidemiological studies as well as broad areas of health care research.
Understanding the causes

A second scientific focus at the ZSEER is basic research. Here, the aim is to better understand rare diseases holistically and molecularly through targeted questions and to develop future therapies.

The ZSEER promotes student education as well as continuing education and training of physicians on rare diseases by participating in and organizing teaching events. Events can be found under News.