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Clarification of unclear diagnoses

Dear patient,

You do not know what disease you have, but your family practice or treating specialist suspects a rare disease?
Despite extensive medical examinations, no diagnosis could be made?
In this case you can contact us.

What is the procedure for clarifying unclear diagnoses in the ZSEER?

After registration and submission of all necessary documents as well as the most complete previous examination findings, these are thoroughly examined by the physicians in our center. The findings are then discussed in an interdisciplinary case conference by physicians from various disciplines and, if necessary, the advice of other specialists is sought.

On the basis of your submitted documents and the interdisciplinary case conference, a decision will be made as to whether, in our opinion, there is a reasonable suspicion of a rare disease and whether a presentation to one of the special departments of the University Hospital Erlangen or an external institution is a possibility.

If you have already had contact with the University Hospital Erlangen, another university hospital or another ZSE in Germany regarding your complaint, we ask you to wait for the complete clarification and final answer from the hospital or center and attach it.

We ask for your patience if it may take some time to process your request. However, you can be assured that your case will be taken seriously and you will receive a response.

Please note that a personal presentation at the ZSEER is not possible.