For Physicians


Head of Department:
Prof. Dr. med. Beate Winner

Medical staff and referring physicians

The goal of the Center for Rare Diseases Erlangen (ZSEER) is to provide patients with rare diseases with the latest knowledge, to help people with unexplained diseases to a faster diagnosis, to develop innovative therapies and to make university and clinical work more patient-oriented. To this end, the ZSEER works closely with experts and institutes of the University Hospital Erlangen on an interdisciplinary basis.

You already know what disease the patient has or can assign the symptoms to an existing B center?

You would like to present a patient to us?

For the best possible assessment, we need your assistance. Please send us the following documents by mail:

  • Epicrisis
  • referral slip
  • all medically relevant preliminary findings

As soon as we have received the complete documents, we will summarize them. The patient history will be discussed in a joint case conference and further clarification of the suspected diagnosis will be planned. We will keep you informed about the progress. Please note, however, that this may take several weeks.

In emergency situations, please contact one of the following: